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In an era of constant change, adaptability can be an organization’s main competitive advantage. At Olivia, we help you create a new organizational culture that can better reflect your business objectives. We know that cultural transformation is what allows innovative business to succeed. And that is why we offer a unique methodology to carry out complex projects.




At Olivia, we know organizations are complex systems made up of people who are mobilized by a clear sense of purpose. That is why we take a multifaceted approach to change.



We design a cultural model for your organization’s needs, then help build your new culture based on this model. In carrying out this process, we consider your organization’s purpose, its cultural principles, and how these principles manifest themselves throughout your collaborators’ career paths. There are many kinds of cultural transformations, whether they’re geared towards digitalization, agility, innovation, or focus on clients. No matter what your desired process, at Olivia we have the right know-how, methodology, and team to assist you..



The age of illuminated individuals is over. The future belongs to relationships, collaboration, and teamwork.

At Olivia, we help align your teams so that, even in the face of disagreement, they can work together towards the same strategic objectives set down by the company leadership. To make this possible, we carry out bespoke interventions into each team, looking at their beliefs, their paradigms, their work routine, and the variables that can affect their performance.



Sometimes it’s not enough to understand the idea of change. You have to actually see that change materialize in the real world.

If your organization is about to turn a corner, we can help you highlight that. We can plan and carry out company events that signal and announce cultural change, allowing your workforce to come to grips with your transformation and internalize it.



Organizations often have certain projects that must adapt to specific expectations. For such projects, we develop a cultural solution with pinpoint precision. That is, a solution that can target the exact areas that need to be addressed and at the right time.

Everything we do is always backed up by our methodology. Which, in turn, is based on the following principles: an alignment of culture with business strategy, a multidisciplinary approach to cultural transformation, a commitment to sharing knowledge, and an eye towards client-building capacity.


What Was The Challenge?

Bice Vida is an important insurance company in Chile. And our challenge was to usher along a cultural transformation within the company that would leverage the digital transformation already underway. 

BICE VIDA’s digital transformation involved 3 key initiatives:  

The creation of a digital lab: escalating 4 to 5 squads or cells in the company that have a high impact on business. 

Technological evolution: Nurturing culture and technology to accelerate the digital transformation. 

Cultural transformation: Getting people and teams ready from a cultural standpoint and preparing them for the move towards agile methodologies. 

This cultural transformation happened in a difficult context, marked by social crisis and a global pandemic. Moreover, BICE VIDA is a traditional company with a vertical hierarchy. And when we came on board, a new General Manager had just assumed his role following his predecessor’s 28-year reign. 

Our transformation project was originally going to involve in-person interventions. However, amidst lockdown, and committed to carrying the project through, we adapted our strategy and embraced a fully virtual and digital approach. 

As Olivia, What Was Our Role In This Process Of Cultural Transformation? 

We accompanied BICE VIDA as they defined the kind of culture they wanted. In doing so, we were able to measure the gap between their current and desired cultures, and draft a plan to narrow that gap. 

We formed a team of 7 cultural sponsors, including the General Manager. We then generated spaces where the team could raise awareness about the cultural transformation, facilitate conversations and actionable insights, and highlight the organization’s values and cultural principles. 

The project sought to promote camaraderie and teamwork, which were essential in attracting everyone’s participation, experience, and contribution. 

We always looked to make the purpose of this cultural transformation as clear as possible, hoping to encourage people to question their preconceptions and change the way they work. We were also open to experimentation, promoting and developing activities that would challenge the company leadership (and ourselves!) to step outside the comfort zone. 

What Specific Actions Did We Carry Out? 

We conceived a series of interventions and actions to leverage and bring about cultural transformation. First, we diagnosed the current culture and gauged how it measured up to the company’s desired cultural principles. Then we gave shape to each intervention and action, making sure they added real value to the company. In doing this, we worked besides the other members of the team and the organization who were involved in the project. We spoke to them, followed up on their progress, and used the technology at hand to maintain a consistent and close line of communication with them — despite our physical distance. 

At the same time, we stood besides the company as they developed a strategy to face the emerging pandemic context. And we advised them to ensure their actions followed their chosen cultural path. 

Now that the first phase of the cultural transformation is over, we are still working with BICE VIDA to spread their new culture to every area of the organization.

Do you want to achieve your business objectives while still fostering a great work culture and environment?

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