At Olivia, we believe organizational innovation affects a company’s entire culture. We feel and apply innovation in everything we do. For us, it’s a way of life.


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Acompañamos a las personas en sus roles de líderes en su camino de desarrollo y transformación para que puedan inspirar, estar cerca y acompañar a sus  equipos; construyendo vínculos genuinos e intercambios de calidad.

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Creamos programas de liderazgo personalizados para cada organización, ofreciendo experiencias transformadoras tanto virtuales como presenciales. Los participantes se sumergen profundamente en los temas propuestos, adaptando la duración y el contenido según las necesidades específicas.


Incluye contenido asincrónico teórico conceptual, acompañamiento de coaching y laboratorios de inmersión práctica, además de trabajo individual y colectivo para potenciar y afianzar comportamientos y habilidades. 

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An organization can face many complex challenges. Some of those challenges are difficult by nature, but others are made more difficult by a lack of tools and know-how.

Through solution design and our Blue Sheep methodology, we offer the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to achieve innovative results. We quickly activate collaborative groups that can co-create solutions with your teams.

In a period of 3 to 6 months, we identify the challenges that afflict your organization. We then form interdisciplinary teams within your company, who will become advocates for innovation, and begin the process of co-designing actionable solutions. Eventually, your organization will be ready to take the next step towards a culture of innovation.



The world is changing ever more rapidly. And in this context, the old solutions no longer work. We have to look for alternatives.

Being profitable and scalable is not enough. We have to be agile, flexible, and smart.

When our clients need to transform to be more disruptive or survive in an unpredictable market, we work with them to develop alternative business models or radically alter their current models.

We go beyond the established limits. We develop unexpected scenarios to generate disruptive products and services that can bring us closer to a future that is closing in at an accelerating pace.



Industry paradigms are shifting all the time. Companies need to be agile to adapt to a constantly-changing world. When companies understand this, organizational innovation stops being a nice-to-have feature and becomes a need-to-have value.

However, not everyone has the experience to know how to approach the need for innovation. That is why, at Olivia, we work together with our clients to define a long-term solution. This can be the creation of an innovation office or an open innovation strategy planning, among other possibilities.

The goal, in all cases, is always to develop the skills, resources, structures, and methodologies necessary to anticipate and adapt to change, and develop an innovative DNA.



Our Breaking Borders events seek to generate awareness among your collaborators and transform how they think about innovation.

Using problem-solving methodologies such as design thinking, we make your teams feel comfortable operating under different rules. We lead them to question their previous beliefs, collaborate with professionals in other fields or areas, understand their industry’s greatest challenges, and give shape to solutions that will push the company towards innovation.

At the same time, Breaking Borders allows us to perceive what challenges your collaborators believe they’re dealing with, identify agents of change and hidden talents, democratize innovation, and evaluate ideas that may be utilized in future processes of innovation.

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