When a company has the great challenge of making a technological implementation a success, it knows that it will be generating a big impact in the organization. For us, it is something that causes a deep cultural transformation in IT projects and this is the way we approach it.




We start by defining by means of different tools the degree of preparation of the company to face the complexity of the challenge and we help it to plan, coordinate, communicate and speed up the IT project to maximize its efficiency.

By means of our exclusive Change Management methodology, we can maximize the cultural impact of our projects. Our purpose is to raise awareness aligning the management with the project team and the organization as a whole behind the big challenge.

Our consultants come from different fields (psychologists, sociologists, engineers and others) which enables us to work on the impacts of this big change management from a wider point of view, anchored in the strategy and the organizational objectives one step ahead.



As IT projects in change management usually have a great cultural impact, at OLIVIA we have developed capacities to generate nets of Changing Agents which can ease the change this cultural impact has. For this reason, we have developed groups who will provide these changing agents with tools and change them into transforming agents within the organizations.



“Making things happen” is not easy, for this reason more and more companies are relying on us: from managing their projects to setting up their Projects Management Offices from the very beginning.

We combine our own methodologies with industrial standards such as PMI, ITIL, and Agile. We always work with the idea or going beyond the report for the state of the project. We proactively seek the sponsorship for the project, teamwork, risk management, the quality of the conversations, the quality of the decisions and the quality of the solution.

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