At OLIVIA, we know the challenge for organizations, in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, lies in responsibly incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria. With the help of science and innovation, we believe organizations have the opportunity to add value at scale, and do so while aligned with the future of the planet and its people. We live in a time without precedent, which demands bold decision-making and leadership in the business world. The moment to act is now!  




Understanding how your business sector and your competitors are developing their strategies is a must. You should examine best practices at the international level and recognize the most relevant and essential challenges your organization faces up ahead. Context is not always everything, but it has much to teach those who analyze it. Everything has been tried before by someone, and you can identify what those previous cases did and did not do well. Who tried a given solution? How did they try it? And how can their experience be of use? These are some of the questions we should ask to meet our sustainability goals.

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In order to manage and incorporate ESG criteria in your organization’s operations, products, and services, you have to first understand your level of maturity and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals as well as different international standards. In doing this, your objective should be to determine the most relevant and urgent next steps for your organization. Every treatment begins with a diagnosis, right? In fact, the treatment plan and its success depends on the accuracy of the initial diagnosis. That is why, at OLIVIA, we pay so much attention to this early stage.

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Your sustainability ambitions must go hand-in-hand with a strategy that integrates your organization’s different areas. The challenges you might face include: tackling climate change, transforming your business from a 360º perspective, and minimizing the impact on your value chain. At OLIVIA, we developed a model of comprehensive accompaniment to make your sustainability ambitions a reality. We also developed a strategy that allows you to move closer to meeting your goals, every single day.

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When we seek to integrate sustainability and impact into an organization’s DNA, what we are talking about is a deep cultural transformation. This means redefining an organization’s purpose, its cultural values, and how these lead to visible behaviors across the life cycle of its collaborators. We work on the design and adoption of the desired cultural model, from which we build the new culture the organization needs without ever losing sight of its organizational architecture, its strategy, and its relationship to the market.

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Designing and developing communities, whether digital or physical, and with a clear purpose in mind, allows us to increase the confidence and commitment of interest groups. Whether these communities are built around a specific topic, product, or service, they collaborate in the design and launch of new products and services. In short, they drive the attainment of business objectives and generate greater impact. Do you want to know how an active community can be formed in your organization?



No transformation towards sustainability can be achieved in isolation. It always requires collaborative action. That is why, at OLIVIA, we work to design and activate joint strategies within an ecosystem, involving clients, providers, governments and authorities, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and various relevant interest groups who accelerate transformation processes towards the sustainability an organization needs. Because we are stronger together!

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