We know that the future is not the continuity of the present and in the current context, anything can happen. The key to survive and also, successfully? anticipate and have the ability to challenge yourself.

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As the pandemic continues, and with much of the world still in lockdown, organizations are looking to reduce uncertainty and understand the risks they’re facing. They’re hoping to correct weaknesses they had not identified and develop skills they had not needed before the current crisis. And they’re discovering this is the moment to find new opportunities and stand apart from the competition. Only those organizations that can anticipate what the new normal will look like — and how it will affect their businesses — will survive and become industry leaders in the years ahead.

At Olivia, we can help you design future scenarios. So you can be prepared and make strategic plans ahead of time, as you begin to understand the likeliest outcomes and your capacity to adapt to them.



These teams are made up of specialists in complementary fields. They are elite groups that address challenges and target pain points that require immediate and effective action.

In addition, such teams can identify and take advantage of short-term opportunities. They can be quickly assembled to complete specific tasks or missions, then disassembled so each specialist can return to his or her routine.

Olivia can help you bring together such elite teams. With your collaborators and our experts and methodology, you can take on short-term and high-impact challenges with great efficiency.



Faced with a global crisis and an uncertain future, we have less time to take risks. Yet our old recipes for success are not as effective as they used to be. And the variables we have to consider, as we plan our next moves, are increasingly complex.

You think this crisis is a tough challenge? It could get worse.

With War Games, you can simulate scenarios and have participants play as your industry rivals. You will be able to visualize the best and worst outcomes for your organization, identify weaknesses where you had not considered them, and find opportunities where you had not suspected them.

During these War Games, participants will attempt to checkmate your organization. And this will allow you to view a comprehensive map of the situation, identify the contestants (the clients, the workforce, the government), and recognize key events (regulations, product launches, and so on). In doing so, you will develop different approaches to the game — and formulate a strategy. 


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