Yoel Kluk

Yoel is a data scientist who has deployed his expertise at the intersection of data science, social psychology, and neuroscience to drive the development of artificial intelligence solutions based on algorithms of human behavior propensity, such as Deepple, his creation.

He joined Olivia MX contributing all his knowledge and deep understanding of people because Yoel understands better than anyone that they should be at the center of any organization's strategy and actions, and are the true driver of change, beyond any technology.

With 20 years of experience in consulting in the Mexican market, particularly in creative problem-solving and innovation solutions, Yoel has won various awards and recognitions.

He is an academic professor at Tec de Monterrey, Texas A&M, Intelmex, Pontificia de Perú, Autónoma de Bucaramanga, among other renowned institutions. He obtained two master's degrees in Applied Innovation and Data Science.

He is a "voracious" reader and considers himself a library of tools and techniques. In his non-working time, he is passionate about nature, camping, and traveling the world.

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