Alejandro Goldstein


With more than 20 years of professional experience, Alejandro is always looking for new challenges. He tends to become passionately involved in the development of complex projects. His teams are focused on doing everything to the best of their abilities, with constant self-improvement as their motto.

Alejandro has never been one to stay inside his comfort zone. He has lived in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Santiago de Chile, continually travelling across Latin America, generating new business, and leading organizations through transformation processes. He studied as a Public Accountant at the University of Belgrano and has earned certifications in Change Management (from Prosci) and Ontological Coaching (from the Newfield Institute). He’s constantly on the move and active, running, skiing, and practicing crossfit in his spare time. Wherever he is, Alejandro is always a positive influence to those around him.

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