Ezequiel Kieczkier


With his creative spirit and endless drive, Ezequiel was the perfect partner to make Olivia a reality. His influence can be seen in our company’s value-added services. He is passionate about bringing excellence to everything we do.

Ezequiel loves innovation, which he views as the motor of all progress. He’s a strong leader, with years of experience in mergers and acquisitions as well as processes of cultural transformation in Argentina and Latin America. He studied communication, marketing, and coaching at the University of Business and Social Sciences and the University of San Andrés, both in Buenos Aires. When he’s not managing businesses, he’s also a savvy manager of his family life and private interests.

He always finds time to be with his family and has acted as an international facilitator in religious and sociopolitical conflicts, garnering diplomatic experience in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. When Ezequiel gets his sights on something, there’s nothing that can stop him.

Should we give it another try – or go back to basics?

For a social group to be strong and unified, it must act the part. 

But if you look at the ongoing pandemic and at how it has transformed our culture, you will find that people, generally, take very little care of themselves – or of each other. And this despite being fully aware of Covid-19, its effects, and the preventive measures that should be adopted in response.

True, many people simply accept death as part of life, while others are worn out from the stress of social distancing and have begun relaxing their vigilance.

Whatever the case, the underlying problem is both structural and global.