Hernan lives and breathes transformation with every step he takes. His courage, conviction, and leadership skills have led him to many countries, where he has absorbed different habits and cultures. 

He studied Business Management at Salvador University in Buenos Aires. 

Across his 25-year consultancy career, he has occupied many important roles in the region. This has given him a deep knowledge of the field and allowed him to become acquainted with unique perspectives and experiences from every corner of the world. 

In Chile, he founded HCC Seidor, for which he acted as CEO for 12 years. He then stepped in as VP of sales and channels at SAP for Latin America and the Caribbean. 

He was a mentor at Endeavor Chile, advising entrepreneurs on diverse organizational topics. Hernan is hugely knowledgeable about management and enterprise growth. Throughout the years, he has consistently expanded his teams and broken into international markets. 

Hernan exudes passion in everything he does. He’s father to Sofía and Julián, a believer in friendship, and a lover of motorcycles. He’s convinced that when you pursue your dreams, you eventually accomplish them. 

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