Irene Marques


Irene Marques was born in Bilbao, Spain. She has a degree in Information Science from The University of the Basque Country, and has been living in Mexico for over ten years.

Irene is an expert in Leadership and People Centricity linked to organizational culture. She believes that the success of a strategy depends on the integration of these three elements.

She’s also convinced that in order for organizations to achieve a genuine transformation, there needs to be a leader spearheading creativity for problem solving. 

To do this, she has specialized in CPS (creative problem solving) along with some of the best experts in the field. 

Her passion and daily motivation lies in being able to cocreate in each challenge, apply the tools she has acquired throughout the years, and work to change the mindset of organizations during the transformation process.

Irene’s experience and her human excellence are the elements that position her as the best associate for Olivia Mexico.

 She loves yoga because it keeps her balanced and in constant evolution.
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