Marcelo Blechman


Marcelo works daily to improve company processes. He tirelessly looks for ways to optimize projects and systems. And he trusts in his team to bring about his objectives.

Marcelo is passionate about education and communication. This led him to participate in three tech start ups devoted to these areas. And he eventually became CEO of a leading tech company in Latin America. A few years ago, alongside Alejandro Goldstein, he started on his current journey: to promote successful projects and organizational transformation in Chile. Together, they now lead Olivia Chile.

He’s a civil industrial engineer by trade, with a master’s degree in Engineering from the Catholic University of Chile. He’s also a certified Ontological Coach from the Newfield Institute. Marcelo is never satisfied with the first thing he sees. He always goes the extra mile.

Outside of work, his interests extend to community activities, family time, and sports, including crossfit, karate, and skiing.

A road map to digital transformation

It’s surprising how little is understood about digital transformation — and the profound organizational shifts it entails. In the interest of clarifying matters, we’ll review four important areas for analysis and share a handy checklist.

So, have you implemented Microsoft Teams in your organization yet? Are you using Zoom for video conferencing? Are you collecting statistics on leads and contacts via your CRM software? Are you receiving reports from your ERP system? Congratulations! You’ve concluded your digital transformation.

Or have you?