He has worked at 10 different companies in a variety of fields and projects. He first studied IT engineering, then set his sights on industrial organization engineering to complement his tech know-how. His curiosity did not stop there. He is also a certified Project Management Professional and Scrum Master, and has an eMBA degree.

During his professional career, he has had to manage multidisciplinary teams people in various areas. Having led all these departments, he is now convinced that, at the heart of all management, is the management of people.

For example, Óscar has participated in many steering committees over the years. And he has always been surprised to find that — although such committees typically consider variables like PEST and DAFO analyses, business and technical objectives, and so on –, the workforce tends to occupy only about 5% of these committees’ plans.

Óscar’s love of disruption is a perfect match with Olivia’s funky way of doing things. He now co-directs the Olivia Spain office.

He’s married, has a teenage daughter, and owns a loveable dachshund. He also bikes, plays paddle, listens to rock, reads historical fiction, and watches a lot of movies, whether they’re blockbusters like Star Wars, historical epics, or comedies.

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