Gabriel is naturally inspiring, creative, and talented. So it comes as no surprise that he’s the Director of Innovation at Olivia.

He always challenges the status quo, taking organizations to the next level. He instills upon our clients the desire to make innovation one of their cultural pillars.

Gabriel is creative, quick, and disruptive. He promotes innovation via his teaching roles at various institutions. And for two years, he acted as an ambassador for Singularity University in Argentina. Thanks to his work in innovation, he’s considered a thought leader in this field. He supports our clients in their efforts to take their companies into the future.

Sustainability: the pending transformation

Our organizations are behaving like addicts: they enjoy today’s pleasures while jeopardizing their future and that of society. Organizations must look beyond their half-hearted attempts at social responsibility and towards a profound transformation that can really generate an impact.

Human beings took 496 million years to develop a neocortex. This allowed them to be the first living things to process complex thoughts, reason their decisions, and make long-term plans.

The key to success in the midst of a crisis: the mindset

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to rethink the future. Our goal: to ensure our actions make an impact and lead to transformation. 

The plane shook. Then the shaking got worse, better, and worse again. The plane had clearly entered a turbulence zone and passengers were feeling stressed. Then the plane made a sudden dive, oxygen masks dropped down, and stress gave way to terror. Hands clutched seats, bodies tensed up, and screams multiplied.